Sunday, May 29, 2011

I dabble...

This story begins with a little daydream I once had about living in a sweet little white cottage.  It was only big enough that had just enough room for our stuff, so that there was absolutely no room for clutter.  And flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.  Complete with a greenhouse and a workshop area to keep the messes contained.  Plus a lovely fenced in yard with loads of space for the doggies to run around in.  Lofty dreams, I know, but I am a hopeless and uncontrollable optimist.  It runs through my blood, and there is NO denying it.  So I, of course, cut out some pictures and sayings that would apply and put it on my dream board (which was my refrigerator at the time) where my husband and I would see it a billion times a day!  One year later, we wished our little cottage into existence...which is where I am writing from today.  

Here's a brief background on myself:  I am a 28 year old doe-eyed, old soul, who loves to do things that most people plan to do when they retire.  I love to sew, and garden, and cook, and I have a mild obsession with home decor.  I've been making messes since I can remember.  Seeing a project  I have just created is like that feeling you get when your are greeted at the door by your "excited, tail wagging, just-can't-help-herself-from-jumping-cause-she's-so-excited-to-see-you, almost obnoxiously licking you to death" dog after coming home for the day, all that love and happieness!! That feeling of love and accomplishment has me working on things all the time!! 

My husband is the best thing that has ever happened to me!  He is my everything.  He, too, loves to dabble in art, so we have decided to create our own shop, The Bee's Knees Workshop on to feature and sell our projects.  Jared is really creative with his screen prints, so I will feature some of his work as we go along.  So to wind up this first entry, I will leave you with some shots of some the things that I have made in the past!  Lots of Love!!!!!

Our wedding invites we made almost 3 years ago!

These were the programs at our wedding.

This was the rough draft version of the backside of the program.

A bird-themed baby shower for my cousin Aryn.

I made little eggs and named each dish with a baby or bird name.

This was a fabric ABC book guests designed for  baby Aiden.

Toille print table runners that made.

Baby birds in a nest lemon cupcakes that I made.

Little cafe curtains that I made and our bistro table that I painted work perfectly in our new kitchen.

Lining of the dining room curtains that I made.

They make the room look much bigger!!

Made this banner for my best friend Randi's baby shower.

I love to mix these girly prints!!

These are the burlap table runners I made for the shower, girly and organic at the same time!

These were the flowers I made to decorate the table at the shower.

This is baby Amelia's ABC book, colored and inscribed with messages from her family and friends.

Jared cut this out of our front yard!

And now its in our living room!

This was a plain pillow before...

Now it bears the silhouettes of our dogs Lola and Penelope!

Collars I made with 3 pretty snap on attachments, because dogs like to have options, too! He he!
                                        These will be available for purchase on our Etsy shop.

Lola modeling the merchandise.

Dorothy inspired collar with attachments.

Penelope as our model.

Personalized Cat and Dog food tins that I make using vinyl lettering.  Also available for purchase at the Bee's Knees Workshop @

Jared's print of our cat Benny Boo Boo, very dignified! This will be on our Etsy shop as well!!! 

These are the invites for Randi's baby shower.  I made 2 samples to see which she liked the best, and she decided to go ahead and use them both!

Pretty and personalized!!

Until next time....

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