Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pretty Little Pins

My friend Amanda just recently gave me an adorable pin-up girl bracelet that she no longer wears.  I love the beauty of the classic pin up girls, I thought this would be a good way to display them and see them everyday.  I really wanted to make some special pins to put on my new pin board, and the size of these charms was perfect!  This is a super easy and quick project that I thought I would share.
Here is the bracelet I started with.
You’ll need some epoxy, which you can buy a craft store, and thumb tacks.

1.  I began by cutting the elastic and separating the charms. 2. Then I mixed up a small amount of epoxy and applied to the back of the thumb tack. 3. Then I centered the tack on the back of the charm. 4.  Then just let them dry according to the epoxy directions.  Mine only took about 10 minutes.  
So easy and super cute!! And, yes, it’s holding up my Michael Jackson sticker package, in case you were wondering. In the words of M.J....”Don’t stop ‘til you get enough!!!”

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