Monday, March 5, 2012

Restyling: Block Printing on Fabric

There’s no denying, I’m one of the most girly girls I know!  So I’ve been dying for a dress or a top with heart prints.  I saw a great idea on one of my favorite blogs for using block printing on a dress, so I decided to try it myself.  I started with a basic white cotton fitted shirt and some basic tools.

My husband dabbles in screen printing so I had intended to grab his fabric ink, but instead grabbed the screen printing ink.  It turns out, it worked just fine.  You could use regular fabric paint as well.
I carved my own little heart out of some rubber carving block that I bought at Hobby Lobby for about $1.50.  I wanted to start with a basic design to see how it worked.  Next time, I think I might get a little bigger and more detailed with my design.  

I started practicing on a piece of card stock to make sure I got the right amount of ink on the stamp.  I did a couple stamps on the paper to get the perfect amount of pressure. 

When I started stamping the shirt, I just placed the hearts in a random staggered pattern. Some of the hearts are solid, and some have a  slight transparency to them, which I like.  I didn’t want them to look like perfect little hearts all over, it gives it some much appreciated character!!

This was such a simple and fun way to dress up something that I already had with out spending any money except for the $1.50 carving block.  I felt like a little kid just stamping away, and I was so proud to have really transformed my white shirt into something fun and girly, and I did it myself!


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  1. Just popped over from Making the World Cuter link party. Very cute top, I definitely dig your sassy style.

    Kelly @ herringbone lane


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