Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Doily Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers have caught my eye since I was a little girl.  It was not only the beauty of the intricately hand woven web inside the bent wood, and the soft shimmery feathers that delicately fall from the beneath the wrapped circular web that captured my attention, but even more so was the fascinating story behind these Native American pieces.  
The webbing is said to catch confusing and harmful dreams that disintegrate at morning’s first light, while the hole in the center allows good dreams to pass through and aid the dreamer with messages and insight.  There are so many interpretations of the different elements on the dreamcatcher, its really interesting to see how they all come into play through research.  
I decided to come up with my own version, I feel like whatever kind of materials that you are drawn to and that represent you would make a beautiful and effective dream catcher.  

I love doilies, so I used a doily from the thrift store, an embroider hoop, some beautiful blue colored leather string, an old turquoise ring, a couple of animal charms that represent my husband and I (a deer and an owl), a tree which represents our love of nature, and family (family tree), and some beautiful feathers.

I stretched the doily inside the hoop and tightened it. I offset it just a little because I liked the look of it, then trimmed off the extra doily.  

I looped the leather in and out and knotted strings in different lengths across the bottom for the feathers.  I tied the feathers on with embroidery floss, and did the same with my charms and ring.  

I am thrilled with the finished product!!!  Its so me, and I love to look at it every night as I drift off to dream land!   What would you add to your dreamcatcher?

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  1. Lindsay, I have told you before, you come up with the best ideas... I love this, it's beautiful.... and I am totally lovin' the new blog decor, so pretty and retro... also we have the same scissors, just sayin' :)

    Lou x


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