Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Sparkly Saddle Shoes

I was recently inspired by an episode of the Martha Stewart show in which they made a lovely pair of glittery tennis shoes using Mod Podge.  I thought I’d try it out, but give it my own twist!  

Saddle shoes have always reminded me of my childhood.  My sister Brittany and I always loved listening to music from the 50’s and 60’s with our parents and our grandparents.  We were 50’s girls with poodle skirts for halloween at least twice, and our Barbies even had a turquoise ‘57 Chevy (my dream car!)  So, of course, we had authentic saddle shoes to complete our ensemble.  This love of all things vintage has continued with both of us, so 
that’s why I decided to make myself a pair of sparkly saddle shoes!

1.  I bought these white Ked knockoffs from Target and they already had the swoopy lines to help divide the white and colored area.

2.  I used painters tape to section off the area I wanted to glitterize and removed the laces. I also tucked the tongue down inside the shoe to keep it out of the way.

3.  Using a paint brush, I applied a mix of Mod Podge and glitter.  I used approximately equal parts of each, but you could add a little more glitter if you want.  

4.  It may look a little foggy at first because of the glue, but it will dry clear and shiny. Keep a pencil handy in case you need to get some of the glue out of the shoestring holes.  I did about 4-5 coats, it dries very quickly, so just keep an eye on it.  

These are so sparkly and my husband loves that I don’t leave little fairy dust trails all over the house when I wear them! ( My glitter always seems to get all over him!)




  1. I love these! I have some gold glitter laying around so I may have to try out a pair for myself!

  2. How did you tie your laces? Mine never end up looking like that!


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