Monday, January 14, 2013

Dog Silhouettes

I’m so excited to share the gift I made for my parents for Christmas this year! When I moved out, my room became the dog’s bedroom the next day.  My mother is basically a modern day snow white, if she were to step outside with her arms outstretched, animals would flock to her. Literally.  Animals find her, because somehow they know that she will magically find their forever home, as if she were the living Patron Saint of Animals.  My mother was nominated “Volunteer of the Year,” by the Macon County Animal Shelter Foundation.  My dad later became the head of the shelter for over a year when the Sheriff’s Department took over.  They have been the foster parents of many pets from the shelter, and have 5 dogs of their own.  So its almost an understatement to say mom and dad are the ultimate dog lovers.  

With that being said, I knew this gift would be perfect for them!  They love their dogs so much, I thought this was a unique way to display that.  I chose to create silhouettes with a nice backdrop in sleek frames.  I love the idea of silhouettes because its a much different look than a regular photograph.  We tried to capture them in a quirky pose that is natural and distinct to them. This image would, would in turn, stir up happy thoughts and visions of their personality would become very apparent in your mind. 

 While my parents were in Hawaii this December, we babysat their dogs which was the perfect opportunity to do a secret photo shoot of the dogs!  I used a light colored background to make it easier to photoshop later.  I wish I had used a darker background on Baxter, their white dog, because the lack of contrast between his fur and the back drop made it a little more tricky.

Once I got the shots, I used photoshop to select all along the edge of the dog, filled it in with black, and then created a new document with the silhouette.  Jared and I printed them off and cut each one out by hand.  I used similar frames all painted the same color.  We picked a pretty fabric that looks like something you would see in a Hawaiian hotel or condo for the backdrop of the silhouettes.  This gave it a uniform look that fit in to their decor, but had the personal touch of their beloved furry babies.

Look how cute they look hanging in their front room! ( That’s my mom, dad, and I.)

This is actually a more accurate depiction of our personalities. We’re crazy, we can’t  help it!! (This picture is missing my sister who now lives in Colorado, if she were here it would be right on!!)

I hope you enjoy this project, have a great start to the week!


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