Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fort Kit

What kid doesn't love building a fort.  My sister and I took up the entire second level of my grandparent's tri-level home when we were young, and we spent hours in there.  We were master fort builders.  Using anything that we could get our hands on that wouldn't break: blankets, towels, hair ties, jump ropes, tables, piano benches. You name it, we probably used it in our fort building endeavors. These memories were the inspiration for one of my nephew, Keller's Christmas gifts last year.  This fort kit has everything an aspiring young fort builder needs.  Sheets with ties, clamps, rope, clothes pins, a flashlight and head lamp.  I added the K in green felt to the outside of the bag that the sheets came in, which was perfect for holding all the equipment. They live in Colorado and we don't get to see them at Christmas time so I had to ship it to them.  
Fortunately I got to help test it out in March when I went out there to visit. These shots are a little blurry, because of course its dark inside a professionally built fort.

The tiger was enjoying the fort as well.  We had this thing going from all corners of the room.

Here we are in the backseat, as usual.  Keller and I always get stuck in the backseat, so usually a photo shoot happens.

This is more realistic.

Driving through the mountains...

 And....one more for good measure!

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