Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meditation Collage

This was a very special gift made and given to me by my dear sister and best friend, Brittany Stocks.  I had a major surgery at the end of May, and she flew all the way to central Illinois from Colorado to be here for the surgery and she brought this with her.  This was one of the best things to look at in the hospital while I was recovering.  She including everything that I love and everything about my spirituality.  I keep this collage in my bedroom at home now, but I move it around with me when I meditate.  Meditation is an important part of my life that helps to quiet my mind and open my heart.  It prepares me for the day and helps calm the chaos in the middle of a crazy work day.  I truly believe major healing takes place during mediation, for the body and the soul.  So this collage is something I really benefit from focusing on while meditating because it is nothing but love, and reminds me to be love everyday with every ounce of my being.  She even included a picture of my grandma, Sandra Flesch, who we lost 2 years ago, as an angel with wings.  She also included quotes and loving words around the edges and the back of the canvas.  I will let the rest of the pictures do the talking.  I know you will enjoy this as much as I do.  

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