Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

At this time of year, its so fun to go through my local dollar store because they have the best halloween decorations for a dollar or less!!  I was shopping the other day and found myself really inspired by these  ravens.  I immediately thought of Edgar Allan Poe, and thus this wreath was dreamed into existence. 

These are all of the pieces I bought at the dollar store to create this wreath.  I thought I may use the skeleton garland, but found it didn't need it once I started putting it all together.  I used a pool noodle for the wreath base and taped the ends together with packing tape.  They sell smaller wreaths there, but I wanted mine to be a little bit larger. 

There were a couple things I already had on hand:  some red fabric which I roughly cut into 3-4 inch wide strips and fishnets.  I used one thigh high, which was a perfect fit.  I started wrapping the strips tightly around the wreath base until it was completely covered.  I used hot glue to secure the loose fabric pieces together.  I did not directly hot glue the foam, only fabric to fabric.

Here is the loose end where I applied the hot glue to secure it.

I cut the top off of the fish net thigh high, and sliced it down the middle so I had a long flat piece.

Remember what it's like to pull and stretch pantyhose to get them on?  That's exactly what you do with the wreath and fishnet.  Just start working it around until the two end pieces match up, and secure with a pin.

Then, start securing the loose ends all the way around the wreath, and pinning towards the back. 

Flip it back over to the front, and use thread to tie the two ends of the fishnet together. You do not have to be a seamstress to do this.  You can even just tie it together in knots, its not going to show.

This is what the front will look like when you are finished.

If you want this to look really professional, you could go along with your thread and continue to tie the fishnet together all the way around the backside.  I chose to just leave my pins in because they won't be seen on the back and they are very secure.  Next time, I will just go ahead and get some pins to match the wreath fabric.

Next I stretched some of the spider webs across the front,  and secured them on the back with the pins that were already in place.  

Time to add the birdies!!  These had little wires coming out of their feet, so I shoved them right into the foam when I figured out where I wanted them placed.  I used a small dot of hot glue under each foot to make sure it was extra secure.

The base of the skulls were foam, so I added a little floral wire to the back of them to add extra security and shoved them into the foam wreath.  I added hot glue to the back of the skull, also, for extra stability.

To create a hook, I made a loop with some ribbon and secured with hot glue.  I then glued it to the center of the top of the back side of the wreath.

To create this sign, I used a piece of wallpaper that looks like old news paper.  You could use real newspaper ( you may wanna support it with some cardstock on the back of it.)  Or, you could even use book pages, perhaps from an Edgar Allan Poe book?  I burned the edges to make it look old and I ended up free handing the letters, although my original plan was to print it with my computer.  My wifi was down, but I think it still turned out okay! I used hot glue to secure the sign as well. I added a couple spiders, and called it a day!

I love that the eyes light up and flash on the skulls and change colors! 

 Very spoooooooky!
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  1. This looks so great, especially with your teal door! Good work. I'm hosting a throw pillow giveaway that you should enter!


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