Friday, September 20, 2013

Ironing Board Cover with One Yard of Fabric

Spray adhesive has been one of my favorite tools ever since I discovered it, which means I make a mess all over the place. Especially on my ironing board.  It was covered in the battle wounds of projects from the days of yore, smattered with hot glue strings, sticky with fibers of burlap, and literally seeping glittery goo.  This thing was begging to be patched up with something other than an old towel, or put out of its misery.  

So I broke down one night, and took about 20 minutes to make this little cover with a yard of fabric I had laying around.  If you have a normal sized board, you could just double the fabric.

1. Flip the board upside down.  Use the board as your pattern.  Measure out about 2 1/4" from the edge and cut all the way around.

2.  Press under 1/4' all the way around and then sew using a zigzag seam.

3.  Then fold over another 1" and press.

4.  Top stitch to hold your casing that you just created in place.

5.  Leave about a 1" opening at the widest part of your board, and make sure to back stitch it closed.

6.  I used a safety pin and attached a piece of cording.  You could use string or twine, whatever you have that will be long enough to go all the way around your fabric.  Run the string all the way around until it comes out the other side.  Then place the board top side down onto your cover.
7.  Pull the strings tight and cinch your cover around your board.
 Pull it tight to make sure its secure.  Mine came out just a little shorter than I wanted, (probably because I had just under a yard, but tried to make it work anyways.) So I used a safety pin to secure it underneath.

My ironing board is so much happier now, and I can really tell by her sassy new fierce attitude.  She shows those wrinkles whose boss!!  Happy Friday!!

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