Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY Romantic Fringe Bed Canopy

Believe it or not, trying to get pregnant can sometimes take (some) of the fun out of trying to make a baby.  Out of all of the rooms in the house, the bedroom has been the most neglected.  I've been wanting to sexy-up (yes, that's a term) my bedroom a little bit.  Hey, whatever helps... am I right?  I thought about doing some little lights somewhere, but I have that chandelier, and that just seemed like it would be too much.  So I was looking on pinterest for ideas and came across a room that had a little shear canopy over the top of the bed with fringe hanging down the sides.  I thought, "I can make that!" I already had the shear curtain, and I ended up using one skein of yarn for each side.  It was surprisingly easy once I got going.

I ended up only using the yarn on the right, but used 2, one for each side. My curtains already had ribbons on them from being used as a canopy for my bed growing up.

I decided I wanted each side to be about 7'long.  So I measured out that distance between two chairs.

Then, I made a casing on each short side of the shear curtain to sew the fringe into.  Make sure the curtain is wide enough to go across your bed.  I folded one end up about 6" and ironed it, and then folded that back down in half so it makes a 3" casing, ironed that and then pinned the top.

You can see where my hand is inside the casing...this is where the fringe is going to go.

Now to make the fringe.  I decided the easiest way to keep it from getting tangled and to keep it tight enough to be even, I would wrap the yarn through the two chairs that I had measured the 7' distance between.

Then I started wrapping and wrapping!  This only took about 10 minutes or less.

Once all of the yarn was wrapped, I grabbed on to both sides to hold on to the ends, and cut right down the middle of the loop around the chair at the ends of each chair.

Then I gathered all of the ends of one side so that they are pretty much even.

Using my glue gun, I added glue and fringe all the way across the inside of that casing we pinned earlier (where my hand was.)

I did this all the way across spacing it out as best as possible.  It doesn't have to be perfectly spaced out because it will be bunched up any ways when it is hanging.  I added a little glue to the top of the fringe when it was all in place and then folded the top of the casing down.

Here is the encased fringe before sewing.

I did a 1/4" seam all the way across the casing being sure to go slow and straighten out and catching the fringe as I went, enclosing it within the shear curtain.

I did another seam connecting the top of the casing (where the pins are) to the shear curtain.  Here are the two finished seams.

Repeat this process with the other side, and that's it!  I used twine threaded through the casing like a curtain rod, tied knots on the end, and used strong tacks in the ceiling to hang it in place.

Don't you just wanna crawl up in there and sleep for days?  I think I just might...

Swanky...if I do say so, myself!
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