Friday, March 21, 2014

China Bird Feeder

If you love pretty pieces of china, bird feeders, and instant gratification when making something... then this is the project for you! This project takes very little time, patience, and not much in the way of materials, so its perfect if your in the mood for a quick crafting fix! This is a bird feeder that my husband and I made for my mother-in-law.  I love the mix of prints and colors.  All you need are a couple of china bowels, and a cup and saucer.  If you would like a smaller feeder, it would be very easy to make a two tier feeder using only a cup and saucer for the top, and bowl for the bottom.  Antique stores have a lovely mix of china, and you can also find pretty dishes at thrift stores and even garage sales for a very low price.  Once you get your dishes, this is all you need:

1. Hold your plant chain as if it were hanging directly above the dish so you can measure out where your holes need to be, and mark them with a marker.

2.  Add a little bit of water over the mark where you are going to drill the hole.  Using the diamond bit with your electric drill,  use steady pressure while pressing on the drill until the bit goes all the way through the dish.

3.  Add a little bit of the E6000 glue to the bottom of the cup and attach it to the saucer.  Follow directions on the tube for drying time. This dish had lovely cut out details, so I didn't even have to drill holes in this one!

4.  Attach your hooks hooks through the holes, and you are ready to hang your new feeder!!

The birdies will thank you for it!!!

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  1. VERY cute Idea! Thanks you for the idea :)


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