Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Energy Boosting Green Tea Smoothie

This is, hands down, my favorite smoothie.  This is my go to breakfast for energy, and it keeps me feeling full until way past lunch.  This contains greek yogurt which is full of protein, banana, coconut milk which is loaded with nutrients (or dairy milk if you prefer), honey, and matcha powder.  1 serving of matcha green tea has the antioxidant equivalent of drinking 10 glasses of regular green tea!! The difference is that the leaves are specially picked from the top of the tree and ground down into a very fine powder, so you are actually ingesting the entire leaf, rather than a steeped version.  When I first had a matcha latte, I was a little shocked by the taste. It was extremely earthy, and I guess just not what I was expecting. But by my second latte, I was hooked!  This smoothie version is much more easy on the pallate, with the banana and honey mixed in, and its a great way to start to add matcha to your diet!

This is the one I used which is a little more affordable, but not quite as potent:  
You can find this HERE

Or, if you are looking for a bolder matcha flavor, this one is worth the extra bit of money, and because its more potent and a much finer powder,  you only need about 1/2 teaspoon per smoothie:

Green Tea Smoothie
1 ripe banana
1/4 cup of greek yogurt
1-2 teaspoons of honey
1/4-1/2 cup of coconut milk (or milk of choice)
2 teaspoons of matcha powder 
3 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in blender adding more or less honey to taste, and more or less milk to desired consistency.

Happy blending!!
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