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Miracle Mondays: Finding Miracles in Hardship

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As promised, I wanted to share with you today all of the miracles that happened within my story.  Some of you may read this and think, "That doesn't seem like a miracle?  These are just coincidences, or happy accidents."  I'm not going to tell you that you are wrong, because, it really could be.  In my heart, I KNOW that these are miracles, and that's really all that matters.  The thing is,  little tiny miracles are happening to each of us EVERY SINGLE DAY.  But do we notice them? Not usually.  You know the old saying, "Hindsight is 20/20,"? Put that to use.  I challenge you to go back through your life and start thinking about rough times, or challenges, or times of deep despair, and look at where you are now. Can you find the little things that happened along the way, or people that you have come across randomly, or even an animal that happened to show up one day, or an amazing, life-changing dream? 
Miracles happen in forms that we can understand here on Earth.  I do believe there are truly miraculous angelic sightings (I've seen some myself), or of light beings that appear to save someone or appear during natural disasters, but those seem to be more rare.  I think this is because if we were to see one of our deceased relatives standing in our living room with a message for us, lets be honest, most of us would freak out!  We are spiritual beings, temporarily in human bodies, here on Earth, having a human experience.  Miraculous things happen to us in ways that we humans can understand.  That's why God, or the creator, or the universe, or what ever all knowing power you believe in, (I will just refer to this universal creator as God from here on out, knowing that I am including whatever each individual believes in within this title) uses humans, animals, dreams, babies, challenges and hardships, and all kinds of things to reach out and help us in our journey here.  I will get more into this in the following "Miracle Mondays" posts.   So on to the miracles in my story.
I will start at the beginning of our marriage where I discussed our money in the story.  We were frivolous and not keeping very good track of where everything was going because, between the two of us, we had a very nice income coming in. It was almost as if we felt like we didn't really need to keep track because we had plenty coming in.  It wasn't until I started reading that book, "Your Money or Your Life," that I realized, we were making too much money to be that broke!  My dad is the one who gave me the book to read, and THAT was a miracle.  We decided to sell our house, our mortgage was ridiculous.  We found our smaller house, started paying down debt, and learning to live on a much smaller income.  This was a miracle in many ways for us.  Jared decided to get out of the high paying factory swing shift job and took another position.  This position was created for him, but then was eliminated for money reasons not long after he started, leaving him unemployed for 4 months.  Had we been handling our finances the way we were before, there is no way we would have survived, and kept our cars and our house.  We were able to do just fine, and still live comfortably on my income following those financial guidelines.  I was then told by a client about Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace program. His program was almost exactly like the book I read, but has simple steps to follow, and we fell in love with it.  We started reading his books, listening to his show, and ended up taking the at home class.  This could not have come at a better time.
 Jared ended up taking a job as a corrections officer at the jail, which he still does today.  I was starting to get more sick, more frequently, which was keeping me from working so much, and I was losing clients because of it. I did, however, start my etsy shop which seemed to fill in the gaps (another mini-miracle.)  This program helped us to keep on budget,  and start to pay down debt.  I have ended up with a perfect number of clients, and all of them are the best clients a hair stylist could ask for . I work from home which has been more convenient and saves us a lot of money from booth rent and parking.  With all of the time I had to take off (which means I wasn't getting paid, being self-employed) we were still able to live comfortably on a MUCH tighter budget.   We aren't where we had planned to be financially four years ago, but with thousands of dollars of doctor bills coming in constantly for the past 3 years and living on only my husbands income half of the time with me being off of work,  I'd say we are doing okay!  We shouldn't have all of those doctor bills going forward, which will be so nice, and we can pick up where we left off!  This is why that book was a miracle to me.
Jared's job at the jail has also been a miracle.  Its not what he wants to do forever, you can imagine why, but it has been such a blessing.  Not only would the factory job NEVER have let him take time off to be with me and take care of me, but the insurance has been amazing.  They covered all of our fertility treatments, which at least gave us the option to try to get pregnant. If they hadn't covered the fertility treatments, we never would have found my angel doctor who found my cancer. If he hadn't taken that job, he could have been widowed by now, or within a short time hereafter.  Boom! Miracle!
The fact that we even decided to try to have children was a miracle in itself.  With all of the heartbreak we suffered in losing my grandma, it was the love of our family and the togetherness that changed our minds and our hearts and made us decide to start trying. Had we not decided that, again, no Dr. Loret de Mola, no finding that my bowels had a blockage and the my endometriosis was stage four and attacking all of my organs, and no finding of the rare appendix cancer.  The fact that we could not find the originally recommended fertility doctor was a miracle, too.  The insurance could not find him listed ANYWHERE.  So the nurse at my gynecologist office recommended the angel doctor.  Somebody was looking out for me then.  Not long after I came across the original doctor on our providers list immediately. Boom! More miracles!!
Now for one final miracle from this story.  My pain and suffering...TOTALLY  a miracle!  How can this be? Why in the heck would all of those days of laying on the bathroom floor, throwing up from the horrible pain be a miracle?? Let me explain.  Some people that have endometriosis have no symptoms at all.  Some have it all over their organs, and not a lick of pain. If that's the case, its not usually found until they have something major come up like a bowel blockage or unexplained infertility.  In my case, I had the pain to go with it.  I knew my body, and I knew something was terribly wrong.  This helped me to seek out the help that I needed, even though I had to kiss a lot of frogs.  This pain helped me to realize that I am a tough lady and I can survive a lot.  This pain has helped me to see life through different eyes, and understand what it is like to live with chronic pain.  This pain has helped me to empathize with those who deal with pain, and what someone like that needs as far as support from friends and family.  This pain has made me realize that I need to be an advocate for women, going through the same pain, and to help raise awareness, especially in young girls, to help them know what is normal and what is not normal for their bodies. Maybe I can even help someone to prevent infertility if they can catch these symptoms early. This pain has been a miracle.
I'm curious to hear if any of you can take a hardship that you hadn't really considered to be a miracle.  As soon as I started noticing these little miracles, they seemed to be happening more and more.  Maybe they were always happening and I just wasn't paying attention.  Take a break from your phone or the internet for just 5 minutes today.  Take those 5 minutes, to just sit quietly and be alone with your thoughts.  What was the hardest thing you have overcome in your life thus far, and what little things happened along the way to get you where you are now...I bet you'll discover some miracles of your own!
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  1. I 100% agree with you Lindsay and I'm inspired by your words and your site. We all could benefit from making time to appreciate everyday miracles! The world would be a better place. Take care!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Liz! I feel if even one person can benefit from my sharing, it's worth it! I've had trouble with my hands for the past several months and have had a hard time trying to write, but am finally getting to where I can get that under control! I'm hoping to start posting again within this next week! I have some more amazing miracle stories to share! So much love to you Liz!


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