Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Maxi Skirt

Ok, everyone.  Don't be worried about me when you see me in this skirt in EVERY picture this spring and summer because I will LITERALLY be living in it. Its so comfortable!! Not to mention freakin' adorable!  I know you wanna make your own, so here's the quick directions:

  •  a really soft knit fabric.  I got mine from Girl Charlee.  I've got some more Hot-eez scarves coming out in my etsy shop with this kind of fabric very soon, too.
  •  a package of 1" thick elastic
  • a needle for knit fabrics like this one:
  • some super sharp scissors
  1. Start by measuring from your hip to the floor and add an extra 2 inches (mine was about 39" with a finished 41") It doesn't hurt to leave a little extra because you can always cut more off the length at the end.
     2.  Then hold the fabric up around your waist to get an idea of how much fullness you want in the skirt.  I wanted mine to be fuller, so I used 65" worth around the waist. You can use a straight pin or safety pin to hold it in place while you figure this out.
     3.   Then take the elastic and wrap it around your waist so that it will be snug but comfortable (I hate tight elastic around my waist.)

     4.  Sew your elastic together using a 1/4 in seam. Then sew your fabric together length wise using a quarter inch seam with the right sides of your fabric together.

5.   Pin the elastic to the inside of your fabric at the top for your waistband.  I gathered it evenly by starting with a pin at each half, then each quarter of the fabric, then each 1/8 of the fabric, and so on until all of the waistband is gathered and pinned to the back of the elastic. Don't fret about it being perfectly even.

6.  Stitch the gathered fabric to the top of the elastic using a 1/4 inch seam from the top of the elastic.

7.  Roll the stitched elastic down once.

8.  Top stitch just below the elastic on the right side of the fabric as seen below. Take your time and stitch slowly.

9.  Try it on and check the length.  This type of fabric does not need a hem, so you have a beautiful flowy skirt in just a few easy steps!  

This type of skirt looks great with a fitted tank or even a blousey top tucked in.

I added some gold jewelry and gold flat sandals for a dressed up casual look that feels effortless.

For a cool evening, or a rainy day of shopping like the picture below, I added a fitted jean jacket. I was in fabric heaven at the Fabric Mart in Maui.  (More projects to come after this little visit, of course.)

Enjoy this easy-breezy skirt, and don't forget to tag me on instagram or facebook (my icons are at the top to the right) or in the comments below so I can see how yours turn out!!  Mahalo!!
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  1. Great tutorial! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this morning that links to it:


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