Friday, March 20, 2015

Why Fairy Tales Are Good for Little Boys and Girls (And Adults)

My mother and I went to see the new Cinderella movie last night, and the beauty of the story and emotion that it stirred up within me inspired some really thought provoking ideas.  I've been a lover of fairy tales since I can remember, and seeing this movie as an adult made me realize how important these tales really have been in my life. (Also, the Easter Bunny visited me early this year, and brought me some of the Lauren Conrad Cinderella collection clothing line from Kohl's. I'm so in love, I thought I might as well share those, too!)

My favorite tales have always been Cinderella and The Wizard of Oz, followed closely behind by Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and all the rest.  I had the honor of playing the lead role in Cinderella in middle school in a production produced by our local Storyteller Theater. I was able to wear the beautiful ball gown, ride in the carriage, and play with all of my talking mice and dog and cat. It was a dream come true.

As a young girl, I loved the excitement of the visit from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and even the tooth fairy.  There was something about the magic behind it all that gave me an enthusiasm for life and miracles.  I'll never forget one day at school in 6th grade.  Some kids were teasing a class mate for believing in Santa Claus.  I remember scolding the kids for making fun, and came home crying to my mother.  I told her what had happened, and asked her if those kids were right, because I still fully believed.  She told me the truth, and I began to cry even more. It was so sad to lose that joyful innocence...It just broke my heart temporarily.  And even though my younger sister knew long before me, and had to "pretend," as she told my mom, for my sake, I was so glad that I was able to keep that feeling and excitement for so long.

I'm not able to have children, but I still decorate the house to the nine's when Christmas rolls around. I love the magical feeling, and I believe Santa Claus is real in my heart. If I had to explain to a child about fairy tales and Santa, and the Easter Bunny, I would tell them to first think about that feeling of excitement, joy and wonder we get when we think about their magic and love.  We know that a thought and a feeling is real, even though we cannot see them. I would say that magical feeling is real.  I would tell them to always come back to that feeling when you come across them again, and you will know that they exist, and their magical love is shared regardless of whether or not we physically see them.

Last night the theme throughout the movie was, "Always have courage, and always be kind."
That's when I realized.  I've been following  the lessons of these fairy tales all my life.  Here are some of the things I have learned, and why it is important to have these notions in our lives, starting at a young age:

1.  The tales are teaching us that there are hardships in life that we must overcome.

2.  Good always triumphs evil.  Doing the right thing will ALWAYS  payoff, even if its not an instantaneous payoff.

3.  Be kind to animals.  Animals are innocent creatures of love.  I have always talked to animals, too, and I know they can understand me, or at least pick up on my loving nature.

4.  Your Prince Charming will come, if you work hard, and are brave and good.  Prince Charming may come in different forms, like a friend or family member who helps you in a difficult time.  Sometimes, we are our own Prince Charming, and I think that's pretty amazing!

5.  Nature is our friend.  All of these tales start off with the main character outside adoring flowers or tending to a garden, or out in the woods.  Nature is healing...and its helped me more than anything!

6.  Fairy tales set you up to believe in miracles.  When we start expecting good things to happen, they start happening.

7.  Fairy Godmothers are helping us along the way...we just don't see them, usually.  I know in my heart of hearts that angels are always with us, and if only we call upon them, they will always be there to comfort us and guide us.

8.  The power has been with us, all along.  Click your heels, and remember: no matter what happens, it is ultimately our responsibility to decide how we want to react to it.  Always approach things with love and authenticity, and you will never go wrong.
Expect miracles and magic.  Start noticing the little things in life that are magical and miraculous.  They are happening all around us at any given moment.  I hope this added a little sparkle to your day!
"So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming this IS love."

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