Monday, April 13, 2015

Quick and Cheap Ways to Freshen Up Your Living Space

The past week I've been trying to finish up indoor projects before garden season is in full swing.  I finally got a chance to use the Hawaiian fabric I bought in Maui to make new curtains.  And as you know, one project always leads to another with us!  I came up with this idea a couple months ago while thinking about a way to keep plants on the window sill without the worry of them  getting knocked over.  We had a few pieces of this really pretty decorative white trim laying around, and I thought why not nail some in to the front of the window sill!  It looks really streamlined and polished, and has the functionality of keeping all of my pretty plants safe from harm.

Maui is Jared and I's favorite place in the world, so we love to bring Hawaiian elements into our decor if at all possible.  I hit the mother load at the fabric store there and brought this as well as the silver and white lace vinyl that covers the built in window seat, which is super pretty an easy to clean!

This color palate is very unexpected, and to tie the room together, I had to make new pillows. (Just kidding...I think it was just an excuse to play with my new Cricut Explore Air cutting machine. Yussssssss!) They are currently having an awesome promotion going on right now, too!

I whipped up a couple of pillows using this yellow and then some burlap to keep the beachy feel.  Then I busted out my Cricut Gold Glitter Iron-on Vinyl.  I am in LOVE with this stuff. I wish you could better see in this picture how beautiful it is in person!  My Explore Air has a cut depth setting for Iron-on which I used for the gold.  I chose the designs I wanted and then my sweet little machine cut them out perfectly.  I ironed them on, which took all of two minutes total for the three pillows and then promptly showed Jared my handy work!

Apparently its a hit with our new little baby boy, Odie, because he thinks mama put the pompons on the sides of the pillow for him to leisurely chew on when he's lounging and not in the mood to jump down and get a toy.  
But seriously, look at that face.  Every damn thing he does is cute!  I'm under his thumb...err...paw? Paw pad? What would you call a dog's thumb?.... are the other pillows I used.  All of this fabric was laying in my hoard, ah-hum, I mean stash, of fabrics.  I ironed heat n' bond onto the back of the seersucker fabric and cut this fern and palm tree on the fabric cut setting of the Explore Air.  It made glorious cuts!!!! Hallelujah!!

And now I can check the "curtains" off my list and also feel like the room is tied together.  Methodically mismatched....

And unexpectedly whimsical without feeling too childish.  We'll leave that up to the owners! (wink, wink)

Enjoy!! Please feel free to comment or message me about my experience thus far with the Cricut Explore Air! 

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