Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Flower Crowns

This is what happens when you are a crazy animal and flower lady...
We recently went under a name change with our local flower farmer business.  Lola,  our black lab was the original namesake for the business, "Black Dog Homestead," but we decided to change the name to something more flower focused.  The new name is "Bushel and Peck Wildflowers," and we have been busy bees prepping for this year's flower season!  Lola was not even offended that the logo and name changed.  She has been such a good sport that she agreed to still be our mascot, and continues to model for us!

I decided to play with some spring blooms from the yard to make this flower crown that doubles as a beautiful fresh flower collar for my babes!

I used tulips, narcissus, muscari, some foraged branches and vines, and some tiny little blooms that are probably weeds, but I think they are pretty and a beautiful accent!!

Our crazy little sweet boy, Odie, also had to have a flower crown collar, but his is a bit more manly...

I used the foraged vine foliage to make a leafy collar that accented his lion's mane, and just a few small buds that sit at the "lapel" area that act as a little puppy boutonnière. Its a little peter-pan-ish, in a good way! *wink, wink*

"Do I look ok, Mom?" 

Lola loves to wear something special on her collar or her rain coat, or thunder shirt.  She has such a big personality, and its obvious that she feels pretty by the way she prances and smiles with her eyes!

Odie is the same way!  They have such big personalities!

This was my day today...surrounded by flowers and pets!! Doesn't get much better than that!

  He looks like one of the lost boys, (he he!) They totally pose!  You can tell they were very proud of their fancy flowers!

Showing a squirrel her flowers...

Odie took it upon himself to test the sturdiness of the collar...

 Durability tested, Odie approved!

 " Should I do a serious face?"

"No, I'll smile instead..."

 Being a doggy model is hard work. The struggle is real.

This is only the beginning... get ready for more flower hi-jinx. We're going big this year!!

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